One People One Straight Street

You bring your best voice, your weekend mood and uncertainty of rain. One people on one straight street? Somewhere in the back of your mind you know its true but not all of your self is accepting. We’re that totality of knowing and unknowing, accepting and not accepting.

Are we one people, is the street straight? Coltrane may have said it through is horn but can we hear and play it too. Can we sing a round, blended together harmoniously holding hands? Well, we can, can’t we? Does that make us one? At least we got soul. Billie Holiday had soul and soul still counts for something in this cold world.

Dress in your finest and sing something for the one soul people. Float over the changes and glide on your ride. Many people in many places making many small steps….


One People Event Basel

Ein Nachmittag mit dem grossen, klingenden Kreis für EINE Menschheit. Special Acts Lucca Gloor und SURPRISE CHor

UND: Bewegung, Begegnung, Konzerte und Gesang für Gross und Klein – die Open-Air Veranstaltung auf dem Schützenmattpark macht unsere Verbundenheit erfahrbar und sichtbar.

14.00h Eröffnung 15.00h Spiel und Begegnung für Gross und Klein 16.00h Konzert Lucca Gloor Baselbieter Sänger, Finalist “Das grösste Schweizer Talent 16.30h Surprise Chor 17.00h Grosser klingender Kreis ab 17.30h Ausklang