Everyday life is the Way

Seeing the plum tree in passing, I usually never see it.  Then one day it is very special, but everyday it is working toward this special way of being. The moon shines on our pillow, we may get up or we may dream further, and those dreams of fully blossoming, color our  life of everyday .

Our relationship to our body and mind can be like that. Viewed only in passing one day we are eventually suprised by a special way of being. Sometimes we are blooming in the sun but “shaken with pain” can be our special messenger.  Suddenly we are limited by the body that before could bring forth life or travel the deserts of this existence.  Doing shiatsu for the benefit of others grows out of the everyday life of self-shiatsu, eating and defecating, meditating or not, taking and giving. Stretching the imagination toward infinite vistas while remaining pleasantly mundane is the life of the shiatsu therapist.

Because human bodies are simlar, schools of bodywork share many commonalities. Shiatsu is like plum blossoms in spring. Rolfing, Tuina, Point Holding, Re-balancing all have their own season and characteristic taste. Yet, because we humans can be so, well, different the expression of each of these methods is like myriad droplets of rain, each embued with delectable clarity.

Just trying to get healthy, to stay healthy, to raise our kids, to dig in the earth and sow a cover crop, fill our belly and sleep, is our everyday life –  and getting a bodyworker to help you to find a new paradigm is supportive of that.  It keeps us willing to give these simple things their due; to refrain from endless hours staring at a blog posts, to pack a lunch, chose a better butter and get to bed on time.  No glamour, like no class is a trade mark you can wear with pride.  Non-glamour is the inspiration for our feast; sweeps away the dust of the day and arouses our mind to serve. Shiatsu isn’t really some kind of luxury but rather a way for our life to look at our life reflected in these bones, sinews and nerves.

Suzuki Roshi wrote “We should not attach to some fancy ideas or to some beautiful things. We should not seek for something good. The truth is always near at hand, within your reach” and this is something we should all remember when we decide to therapize ouselves. The truth is always near at hand. looking left we might see it, but we must look, we must reach, that is often our problem. Reaching we are not natural, holding back we are not natural.  Non-natural. Yet, the sun relentlessly rises to hit our face in the morning.  We may chose to continue dreaming, but eventually rising with it, the day that lies ahead will color our dreams.


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