The Two Controls

So, thoughts and action are under our control. Our genes, environmental toxins and our social and political circumstances;  the trials and tribulations of everyday life, less so or rather. not at all. We just think we have influence but whether we do or not is questionable. Self shiatsu and our nutritional approach make up a set of thoughts and actions that we can adopt to help mitigate the power of the things largely out of our control. Self shiatsu helps us address our structure. Nutriton gives us influence over metabolic pathways and carefully done can help us to detoxify. With these two controls there is a lot we can accomplish before we have to call on allopathic medicine. This is our responsibility.

If regular bodywork is like a mirror, giving us a view we normally can’t have without a separate observer, than self shiatsu is like the mental image we have before gazing into the mirror. By using our thoughts and actions to gain a high level of understanding of our physical structure through self shiatsu; by managing our stress, increasing our range of motion, perfecting our balance and improving our blood circulation, controlling heart rate, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and so on, we can take up the great task of caring for this living body.

Thoughts are just concepts say many but they are the primary control leading to the actions that help us to shape and determine this one life. Our thoughts can be focused scattered,  pointed or perverse. But they can also be changed and guided.  Let evidence guide your thoughts and allow your experience to let them change.

Since thoughts are myriad and choices ever changing, what kind of evidence should we look to and where are we to find it? Just look to your left. Look in that bright mirror. Look at the time spent writing in the garden under light filtered by apple trees. Look at the swollen feet and darkened eyes, the constant headaches.  Look at the process and break through the habit energies that lead to such appearances. Low carb, high carb, long and slow, HIIT try it all and then some. Give it time to work and don’t be impatient.  What appears in the mirror of your own daily practice? Take hold of theTwo Controls and fashion your own healthy expression. Take heed, the Two Controls are not always easily applied.


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