Glorifying Ignorance

I speak about unknowing, not knowing and non-knowing quite abit here but I hope that I am not simply glorifying ignorance.  I am not  a philosopher so I don’t usually speak about universals. I usually focus on me and you right here and right now. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle of the nowhere land of practical handworker and street philosopher.  The kind of guy who might sometimes say something profound but he’s also not afraid of an ad hominem here and there.

I say to my friends and clients that its ok not to know–just go find out, and feel intimately your unknowing.  don’t be afraid of the dark.  That’s easy enough, naturally there’s a great deal not to know and unknowing is everywhere to be found, especially in the run up to an election year.  Mostly our main trouble is to be found in what we think we know.

Grasping at knowing holds us.  It doesn’t necessarily hold us back but it holds us, otherwise it would not be grasping.  When do you grasp?  Is it simply a response to losing your balance? Or is it a habit formed in the past, and deeply ingrained.  Do you actually remember when and why you became willing to spend so much money on your hair and nails? Is there a practical reason you’ve saved every scrap of paper from your childhood? Is this a just a fundamental grasping at self or are others involved?

We grasp at our plans and goals, our thoughts and actions, even those formed on a whim and we are willing to lose our way for them.  Perhaps we are just exploring the edges of the garden path?

So our ignorance and our grasping hold us.  We are bound. We are bound to express this solitary boat among the reeds reflecting the brilliant moon.  Our youth, our hopes, our dreams all are a testament that holds us yet there is no posssiblility of keeping and holding them.  Is this glorious ignorance or can our minds really lead us to increased strength, better concentration and a more supple body?

That depends I guess.  How aligned are your thoughts and actions? Only just a bit? How appropriate, useful, and efficient are your actions once your thoughts have sparked them? Do you have great ideas but are unable to stand up out of the victim chair? How in tune are the two controls to your core purposes?

A little shiatsu, a little meditation, good conversation with someone meaningful to us and our life can all help us overcome our glorious ignorance.  Not knowing requires patience and inner strength.  Don’t panic.  You can also overcome ¨think you know mind¨ as well and fully experience the light and shadow before being scattered among the flowers.


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