Becoming Uncle Drew

Some of you are probably familiar with Kyrie Irving’s alter ego uncle Drew, a 60ish basketballer on a mad search to “get buckets” or perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo’s antics in disguise looking to further the cognitive dissonance created by either an old man or bearded muscleman who can dribble a soccer ball with the best.  There are even videos on YouTube of parkour athletes trying to run a game on spectators with facemasks to make them look old.

These are pro athletes in their prime poking fun at the aging process.  We all hope that we might be that ONE to cheat aging and be able to die with the physical prowess of a 25 five year old.  Doubtless there ARE Uncle Drew’s out there but what does uncle Drew really look like?  Hopefully he will look like us.  How can we train to maintain that exquisite poetry in motion into our waning years and keep on “getting buckets?”


There is no way of knowing for sure but there are interesting theories.  In most of the molecular biological theories the metabolic pathways that maximize strength, speed and explosive athletic ability seem antithetical to longevity. But Prof. Michael R, Rose, an evolutionary biologist, has a different take altogether which I spoke about in my last post.

Perhaps we can look here how we can maybe advance in the quest of becoming uncle Drew in light of evolutionary biology’s idea that “aging stops.”


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